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Plitvice Lakes

Waterfalls flowing over the limestone and chalk made travertine barriers and natural dams,  which in turn have created a series of beautiful lakes, caves and springs. These geological processes continue today. The forests in the park are home to bears, wolves and many rare bird species.

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Eko Klanac organic food


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Barać caves


The Caves of Barać (Croatian: Baraćeve špilje) are located near the village of Nova Kršlja in the municipality of Rakovica, Croatia. In 1892 the caves were opened to visitors but subsequently abandoned and forgotten following World War II. In July 2004 the Upper Caves of Barać were reopened to visitors.

The caves are named after a certain Barać who was a fighter against the Ottomans. According to a legend the caves bear the name of the victory of Barać at the caves. The surname of Barać does not exist anymore in this region.